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Lightweight Concrete Panels

We are introducing a lightweight concrete material for exterior and interior use.  There are many uses for this material but we are currently focusing on outdoor grill islands, fire pits, fire tables, and fireplaces.  With our panels you can constuct almost any design and size, to fit your customer's desires.  Our panels give a whole new meaning to the term "custom".

Construction Techniques

For as long as people have been building outdoor living areas there have been three primary construction techniques.

  1. Cinder block and concrete
  2. Wood framing
  3. Metal stud or tubular framing, with a concrete board attached by screws

Our Technique

The new and modern construction technique we are introducing, is the use of our lightweight concrete panels.  For rough countertops, we use Magboard.

Benefits of Our Panels

  • 70% lighter than typical concrete block construction
  • Much easier to handle and to build with
  • No flexing (verses wood or metal)
  • Can typically be installed on a 4" concrete slab, with no footings
  • Can usually be installed on decks, check allowable weight loads
  • Finish materials can be installed directly to our panels
  • Stucco, stone, brick, tile, granite, or marble can be used on our panels
  • Build custom projects for your customers or sell them our kits
  • Seam the panels together with Liquid Nails Landscape Block Adhesive, or use our proprietary thin-set.  Use screws to maintain a tight joint while the adhesive cures
  • No concrete mixing, no grout, no hundred pound bags of concrete to toss around, no concrete mixers, no sand, no gravel
  • No special tools required.  Use basic hand and power tools
  • Water, fire, mold, mildrew, termite resistant

Panel Sizes

  • 2 inches thick, 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall
  • 2 inches thick, 24 inches wide by 42 inches tall
  • 3 inches thick, 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall
  • 3 inches thick, 24 inches wide by 48 inches tall
  • Custom sizes are available

Pre-cut Unassembled Kits Available

  • Straight, L-Shaped, and U-Shaped Grill Islands
  • Square, Rectangle, and Octagon Fire Pits
  • Square, Rectangle, and Octagon Fire Tables
  • Professional Drawings are available in PDF format

Next Steps

  • Review our website
  • Contact us for more information and dealer pricing
  • Order your lightweight concrete panels, Magboard countertops, and / or kits
  • Construct masterpieces for your customers, and / or sell kits